Eat Good, Feel Good

Wonderful Food with Wonderful People

We know where you like to rest and how often you get a pizza mood. So we have selected 5 new places in Kyiv for your vacation, so that the mood and pizza are together.
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Venetian beach, 1
Sports ground near the Venetian Bridge
Trukhaniv Island, 1
Pergola and recreation area on Trukhanovo
Botanical Garden, 1
Central entrance
Vidradny Park, 1
The inscription "I love cheerful"
Partizanska Slava Park, 1
Wooden bridge
Muromets Park, 1
Friendship of Peoples Park, X-Park, near the barrier
Rusanivska Kosa, 1
Near the children's playground "Ship"
Museum of Folk Architecture (Pyrogiv village), 1
Near central entrance
Park Pribrezhny,1
Osokorky, "Pocket" site
Observation deck River Mall,1
Desna beach,1
"Troyeshchyna" beach, near information center